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Ask the Internet: Where Do You Food Shop?

To start, just a quick thing from yesterday: That quote I attributed to Mark Twain wasn't from him at all, but a paraphrased statement by Clarence Darrow. It's been amended.

With that aside, on to today's question!

Q: Over the last few weeks, we've discussed food shopping at Trader Joe's, CostCo, and multiple supermarkets. But I was curious: Where do you most frequently shop?

A: For me, in order of frequency, it's:

  • My local supermarket (once a week)
  • This family-owned produce tent around the block from where I work (once a week)
  • This family-owned bulk good store around the block from where I work (once every three weeks)
  • CostCo (once a month)
  • Trader Joe's (usually wine, occasionally party foods)
  • This butcher around the block (rare)
Also, I hit up farmer's markets on occasion, when the weather is warmer. This has changed pretty often over the years.

How about you, sweet readers? Your answers will help us determine where to focus our blogging efforts from here on out. Fire away!

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